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February 2017

Welcome to The Network’s new-look format for 2017.

With this more engaging visual format in Shorthand, contributions are no longer restricted to an article with a single image, so we encourage Comnetters from every area to submit articles to promote events, activities or publications in your area to your marketing and communications colleagues – the more visual (photos and video are welcome), the better.

From 2017, The Network will arrive in your inbox on the first Thursday of the month, and submissions are welcome at any time, as is feedback on the new look.

Food Lab by Ben Milbourne

The University of Queensland has partnered with MasterChef finalist and proud UQ alumnus, Ben Milbourne, to produce an exciting new "pop science" television show, scheduled to air from this Saturday 4 February on Channel 10.

Food Lab by Ben Milbourne will take viewers on a culinary journey through the world of science. Imagine transforming the taste and texture of food through molecular gastronomy, or preparing dinner in your kitchen kettle using particle theory. With help from some of UQ's most engaging teachers and researchers, Ben will explain and demonstrate common scientific principles in a way that's fun and easy to understand - through cooking!

Watch the show on Channel 10 or view the entire series on the Ben's Food Lab website, where each episode will be available directly after airing.

Keep an eye on the UQ Facebook page, for competitions and on-campus giveaways.

For more information contact Shannah O'Brien.

UQ Experts Directory 2017 now available

A new printed edition of the UQ Experts Directory is now available. This directory complements the searchable online UQ Experts guide, and provides mobile contact details not available online.

The directory will be distributed to UQ marketing and communications managers, as well as a targeted list of journalists and media contacts. To order copies of the UQ Experts Directory for your area, complete the online order form – this link can be provided to external media contacts for ordering as well.

We recommend encouraging all experts in your area to keep their online UQ Experts profile up to date with correct contact details and relevant keywords to maximise their chances of media contact. And note Corporate Relations Manager Carolyn Varley’s observation that researchers can't really be serious about being media experts if they don’t ensure journalists (or UQ communications staff) can contact them. A desk number alone is rarely sufficient.

For more information, please contact the OMC Communications team on ext. 51120.

The Network staff development courses

Social Media for Academics and Professionals
Thinking about using social media to build your research profile or boost public awareness about your workplace? If you’re not sure where to start or what platform is right for you, attend a revamped ‘Social Media for Academics and Professionals’ course run by OMC. This practical course runs for about three hours. Check dates, register or find out more here.

A guide to University protocol events
Learn about Protocol’s role within the university and the support and advice the team can provide for your VIP events and visits.

The Protocol team is responsible for organising a range of events and visits in line with the UQ Vice-Chancellor’s Guidelines and the Ministerial and Dignitary Protocol Policy.

UQ staff members involved in organising events or inviting dignitaries to the University are encouraged to attend.

Places are available for the next workshop, to be held on Monday 20 February 2017. For more information and to register, click here.

UQ Domestic Guides

UQ’s Australian Undergraduate Guide 2018 is at the printers and will be available online and in hard copy from 9 February. This central guide will lead a suite of guides that promote UQ’s programs and lifestyle to students who will start university in 2018.

Our 2018 guides complement and align closely with Future Students, offering prospective students and their parents a streamlined flow of information about UQ.

The 2018 UQ Guides have been created with extensive input from staff at OMC, OPSSE, faculties, UQI, UQ College, Academic Services Division, Admissions, Student Services, and a range of schools, institutes, departments, and colleges. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed so far to these publications.

Upcoming Guides include:

- Australian Undergraduate Guide 2018: available from 9 February
- Accommodation Guide: available now
- UQ College Guide: available now
- Faculty Guides 2018: available from 31 March
- International Guide 2018: available April
- Year 10 Student Guide: available early April
- Life at UQ: A Guide for Parents: available early April
- Scholarships Guide 2018: available early April
- International Baccalaureate Student Guide: available early April
- Study Abroad and International Exchange Guide 2018: available early May
- Enhanced Studies Program Guide: available early May
- Entry Options 2018: available early July

Using Reddit to reach new audiences

Reddit is a growing social media platform that provides opportunities for academics wanting to share their research, tell their story and connect with the broader community. It is a community-led social news site curated by members and sorted into areas of interest known as subreddits. As a general rule, the broader the subreddit, the bigger the audience. For example, the most popular dedicated science subreddit (r/science) has more than 12 million members (and strict contributor rules - all posts must include references and links to trusted sources and academic publications).

Another large subreddit is ‘I ama’ (r/IAmA) where notable individuals sign up to be asked anything by the public in a text-based Q&A. This is an excellent medium for academics, and you will find UQ researchers like John Cook and Sean Rintel on there already.

To set up an official IAmA there are a few things to keep in mind. You’ll need to determine what exactly you want to focus on in the thread and plan your description. For some, it will be research-heavy, but for others, your research journey and career advice for those wanting to start out in the same field may also be a nice angle. Once you’ve worked that out, you can promote your IAmA by submitting a request to the official IAmA calendar and via your own social media channels.

In some cases it may be advantageous to set up a Q&A style post in the specific subreddit for the research field. This can depend on how active the subreddit is and how niche your research is. If you have any questions on any aspect of using Reddit for academia, please contact India in the Marketing team.

The UQ Advantage Office is changing its name

The UQ Advantage Office will be been renamed the UQ Student Employability Centre (SEC) from February 2017. The SEC will provide a hub for any faculty-based student employability staff and teams that provide discipline-specific services and supports.
The name change will assist our office to be able to provide clear and consistent communications for the programs and services we deliver. We will continue to sit within the Student Affairs Division and be made up of three teams: Student Engagement, UQ Abroad and UQ Careers Service. We will work with marketing and communications managers across UQ to provide updates to our contact details including a new email address (, distribution of our new brochures, promotional materials for the semester and a new Drupal website coming later this month.

Please contact Belinda Brear or Dave Soole at with any questions.

World Future Energy Summit

EAIT represented UQ in January at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, the world’s most influential event dedicated to advancing the use of renewable energy, energy efficiency and clean technology.

Helen Burton and Trent Leggatt from the Marketing, Communication and Outreach Team along with three academics attended to showcase UQ’s energy capabilities in the region which is known for its commitment to investing in renewable energies.

Just outside of Abu Dhabi is Masdar City, the world’s most sustainable eco-city pioneering a “greenprint” for how cities can accommodate rapid urbanisation and dramatically reduce energy, water and waste.

We look forward to growing our presence in the region to advance our research activities and attract students to our energy related programs.

Marketing and Communications Staff Update

India Anderson has joined OMC as a Marketing and Communications Officer in the Marketing team. India has previously worked for UQ’s Student Relations Network where she held various roles, including managing the social media for the Beanbag Bungalow. She has also previously edited Semper Floreat and managed the digital experience program with AIESEC. India has a BA from UQ and will complete a Grad Cert in Interaction Design this year. You can contact India at or on ext. 51934.

The OMC Communications Team has filled two 12-month vacancies created by the temporary departures of Katie Rowney (roaming the world) and Janelle Kirkland (who is busy with her second child, Angus, who arrived on 17 January). Robert Burgin has joined as a Senior Communications Officer. He has come directly from the HABS Faculty and has a long history in media and communications, including in government and as a deputy editor with Fairfax Media. Belinda McDougall is also in a Senior Communications Officer role. Belinda has significant experience in media and public relations, including as a senior journalist and executive producer at Channel 9 Brisbane. Kate Bishop has moved into Belinda’s substantive position of Communications Coordinator after three years with OMC and a 12-month secondment to HASS. Esther Haskell is filling Kate's substantive position of Marketing and Communications Officer, having worked in the team in a casual capacity for many months. The team can be contacted at

New to UQ? Just moved to a new unit, or leaving us soon? Let us know for next edition.

New photos on UQ Images

The following photo sets have been added to UQ Images in the past month. The list includes the OMC set number, which you can use to search for images.

5764 – Sheep roam on the UQ Gatton solar farm5765 – UQ Sustainability initiatives
5769 – Student Life at UQ St Lucia
5711 – John and Chris Biggs
5703 – The Tiny House Company
5702 – Nick Earls
5704 – Kakadu plum research
5652 – New Senate Members
5757 – Carving a History at UQ Book Launch
5780 – Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence (PACE)
5690 – UQ Volleyball competition for QLD Week
5623 – UQ Partners in Research Excellence Awards

If you have any questions about these images, please email or call ext. 52479.

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