UQP's summer reading list

There's a long hot summer ahead, and University of Queensland Press (UQP) has a host of fabulous books to read at the beach, beside the pool or under a fan. Here is UQP's suggested top 10.

Little Fish Are Sweet - Matthew Condon

An extraordinary and important account of how a fearless investigative journalist uncovered massive crime and corruption in Queensland. Risking threats and intimidation, Condon tirelessly pursued a web of cold murder cases and past conspiracies but what he then discovered was more sinister than anyone imagined.

Portable Curiosities - Julie Koh

An unforgettable and brilliantly clever collection of stories which re-imagine our world with a dark, satirical twist. The tales combine absurd humour with searing critiques on contemporary society – with its rampant consumerism, casual misogyny and the insidious fear of those who are different.

Saltwater - Cathy McLennan

A gripping and true tale of one young lawyer’s fight for justice among the beauty and violence of an Australian tropical paradise.The social and racial issues the author grapples with along her journey sadly remain unresolved today.

Hexenhaus - Nikki McWatters

A powerful novel about three young women in different eras accused of witchcraft and caught in the hysteria of their own times. The utterly compelling stories each demonstrate how women have been – and are still – labelled and persecuted simply for being different.

No Job for a Woman - Sallyanne Atkinson

The life story of Brisbane’s first and only female Lord Mayor who helped make our city into the cosmopolitan and welcoming place it is today. This inspiring read is also a fascinating look at how resilience and optimism can shape a woman’s life as much as any single opportunity.

The Last Days of Ava Langdon - Mark O'Flynn

A movingly written and thought-provoking novel about an eccentric artist living out her last days in the Blue Mountains. All that matters to Ava Langdon is her writing, which transports her – and her reader – from present realities into beauty, possibility and redemption.

Finding A Way - Graeme Innes

Graeme Innes has written a wonderfully inspiring memoir. Graeme was born blind but he never let it stop him. He became a lawyer, mediator, human rights and disability advocate, and the driver behind some of Australia’s most significant rights reforms. Graeme’s story shows how everyone can live life to the full and raise others up at the same time. It is utterly uplifting and also very funny.

Becoming Aurora - Elizabeth Kasmer

Elizabeth Kasmer is a new and fresh voice in Queensland Literature. This book was the first YA novel ever to win the QLD Literary Award. Researched and inspired by a news report of a racist attack on a Brisbane restaurant, Becoming Aurora is a nuanced portrayal of tensions in a small town.

All is Given: A Memoir in Songs - Linda Neil

Linda Neil is a musician, author and documentary maker. A truly captivating memoir of Linda’s life of travel across the globe, from Paris to Mongolia, China and Sydney. Linda’s beautiful writing explains how she used her passionate relationship with music to connect with people and create a life full of spiritual riches. A wonderful adventure that shows how we all have the power to touch other people’s lives and stories.

Word Hunters: Top Secret Files - Nick Earls and Terry Whidborne

An exciting word quest book for lively minded children in the holidays – to save the English language! This new Word Hunters book builds on the series with new characters, new word quests and games, a brand new secret-finding app and all the information you ever wanted to know about the words that make up our language. A book to keep the children entertained for hours. N.B. might lead to family discussion.