A note of thanks to UQ

The University of Queensland proved to be more than just an educational institute for visiting international academic Dr Khadija Shabbiri and her family – it became a home and a place of opportunity to help her thrive.

UQ is an educational institution which has produced world leaders in all levels of society. I feel like it’s my duty to give a vote of thanks to UQ, where we immediately felt like we were at home.

My connection with UQ began when my husband Waqar Ahmad was given an International Post Graduate Research Scholarship for his PhD in the School of Biological Sciences.

Later, I joined the same school as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. We felt honoured to be part of this institute, where talented people serve with distinction.  

UQ has given us lots of opportunities for honing our research skills and professional development. It’s enriched our lives with a vibrant and inclusive environment that has polished our personalities and boosted our self-confidence.

We’re thankful to UQ for believing in us and giving us opportunities to present our research at different international forums.

As a Muslim female, I really appreciated UQ’s positive environment of mutual respect, which made me feel extremely comfortable as I moved around the campus.

During our stay at UQ, we enjoyed a comprehensive range of student and staff services, healthcare and chaplaincy services. And we can’t forget the safety bus services for those who work late as the feeling of safety it provided was a big relief for me in particular.  

I also enjoyed the opportunity to act as a tutor/demonstrator at the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences. This experience has provided me with advanced teaching skills. Working voluntarily with UQ International Development and the English language school has been a wonderful ongoing journey.

For us, UQ is not just a top 50 ranked university, but a place of values, of healthy sustainable relations, and commitment.

It’s difficult to express our feelings for UQ in words.  We want to applaud one more positive characteristic of UQ, that not only does it support its graduates and staff, but also encourages and motivates the next generation - our future.

We’re so thankful to the School of Earth Sciences for arranging a visit for our eight year old son Saad, who’s interested in palaeontology. Saad wrote the school an email expressing his interest without mentioning our connection with UQ and was warmly welcomed nonetheless. Saad remembers his visit as the best day of his life.

We all feel bound to UQ in so many ways. The institution is proof that education is the key to unlock the mystery that is peace.

The love and care we were given by UQ’s staff and students has left us with a deep respect for the place.

Thank you UQ for making us to feel at home. May the future of UQ be as prosperous as its past.