Diabetes care with a digital difference

Dr Anish Menon

Dr Anish Menon's research focuses on redesigning service delivery for people with type 2 diabetes to achieve better clinical outcomes and improve the experiences for both patients and service providers.

Endocrinologist and PhD Candidate, Dr Anish Menon is currently working on a project to use 'mobile health' for helping people with diabetes and improve the efficacy of tertiary diabetes clinics.

"Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure in the developed world and unfortunately, it's on the rise.

"What I'm doing is rethinking the model of diabetes care."

Dr Anish Menon

Dr Menon says people living with a chronic condition like diabetes can find it challenging to manage, and thus finding ways to improve self-management are key.

"Personalising health care is likely to promote self-management and improve clinical outcomes with improved patient experience.

“We've developed a ‘mobile health’ platform with CSIRO to improve the diabetes service delivery or ‘REMODEL’ (REthinking MOdel of Diabetes care utilising EheaLth) diabetes care.

"This includes an app, which gives patients the trends and the patterns of their diabetes, to better manage their condition.

“The app actually uploads into a web portal. It can be then seen by the clinicians at the other end and bi-directional feedback can be provided in real time.

“We can empower people; better help them with their self-management.

"We're creating a change, a change for the better."

Dr Anish Menton

When he is not conducting research, Dr Menon enjoys spending time with his family.

"Currently what I enjoy most is reliving my own childhood with my son. He, actually, is the boss. He drives what I do.

"I do not want to miss this experience – there is a bit of a trade-off or should I say a fine balance, but I am relaxed about it."

Dr Menon says he is prepared for the long haul journey that comes with research.

“There will be definitely hiccups (with research), and managing them and coming out at the other end is the way to success, and I think that makes you a better person, as well.”

Dr Anish Menon is one of seven early career researchers profiled for UQ’s 2017 Research Week. To meet the other researchers and learn more about higher degrees at UQ, visit the Research Week page.

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