A career change with a difference

Christine Andrews

After 15 years as a veterinarian, Christine was ready for a new challenge - so she undertook a PhD in paediatric burns.

The 2017 Australian Society for Medical Research’s Queensland award winner was looking to diversify her career options and use her science background to conduct worthwhile research.

Now, research by this mum-of-two is guiding future scald prevention strategies and she hasn't even graduated yet.

"I was particularly drawn to child health research after having my own children.

“Around our homes, there are so many opportunities for young children to get their hands on hot water, and unfortunately for some, they can be badly burned.

“What my work is about, is really trying to prevent burn injuries rather than necessarily the treatment side of things.

Christine Andrews

“The scald injury prediction data, which comes from the 1940s, is actually inaccurate and needs re-evaluating.

"So that's really where my role is coming in.

“It's kind of a bit cheeky because you get to do something for yourself that's really interesting and you get to explore that side of things.

“But the benefit is that you then actually, hopefully, through your work, get to make some positive changes.

“I've really enjoyed my time doing research. I think perhaps because I've come to it at a more mature age, so I have already had another career and I have worked in another field.

"It still feels like a real privilege to come and do research and actually just have time to really delve deeply into one particular topic.”

Christine Andrews

Christine Andrews is one of seven early career researchers profiled for UQ’s 2017 Research Week. To meet the other researchers and learn more about higher degrees at UQ, visit the Research Week page.

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