Rivalry makes for
great theatre

There’s always been a small rivalry between doctors and lawyers. At UQ, that rivalry even extends to the stage.

The UQ Law and UQ Med revues are University institutions, and students from both faculties have been producing annual variety shows for decades.

The stage performances combine comedic sketches, songs and videos that satirise the law and medical professions, politics, pop culture and university life.

The 2017 UQ Med Revue will run over three nights from August 13–15, while the UQ Law Revue will run over four nights from August 23–26. Held in the Schonell Theatre, each production dedicates one night for the other to attend its show.

“It’s a friendly rivalry, but it is still raging,” 2017 UQ Law Revue convener Henry Bretz said.

“Going to the Med Revue is our favourite night of the year. We book front-row tickets and throw some light banter. Both revues edit punchlines to incorporate medical or law jokes on the night our rivals are in the audience.

Rehearsals for the 2016 UQ Med Revue.

Rehearsals for the 2016 UQ Med Revue.

“These are usually pretty lame but the reaction is the kicker. We yell and bash our fists on the stage and the atmosphere in the theatre starts to resemble a college football match.”

The UQ Med Revue has grown to become the biggest event on the UQ Medical Society calendar and involves more than 250 students.

Watch a skit from the 2016 UQ Med Revue. Warning: strong language.

UQ Med Revue co-convener Chris Strom said the production was written, directed and performed by students.

“One of the best things about the Med Revue is its inclusivity. With such a large cast and crew, it means that so many students can get involved,” he said.

Rehearsals for the 2016 UQ Med Revue.

Rehearsals for the 2016 UQ Med Revue.

“I think it’s quite a valuable experience for people – particularly in such a demanding degree like medicine. It’s an opportunity to escape the high pressure and do something together other than study.”

Bretz agreed, and said it was great to be able to provide a mental health outlet for law students, while simultaneously producing a professional, high-quality comedy show for members of the public.

“Most of the cast genuinely have a good chance of making it in the entertainment industry,” he said.

Rehearsals for the 2016 UQ Law Revue.

Rehearsals for the 2016 UQ Law Revue.

“These students are creative and sharp, meaning they have so many opportunities to pursue in the legal world.

Watch a skit from the 2015 UQ Law Revue.

“In Australia, many comics come from law backgrounds, and I think law encourages critical thought and alternative thinking, which are the building blocks of all comedy.”

For more information, visit uqls.com/law-revue or uqmedrevue.com.