24 hours at
St Lucia

From the rower’s oar making its first ripple on the river’s glassy surface, to the researcher toiling away into the wee hours, Contact’s photographers show there’s much more to UQ than just the lecture halls.

5am: As the sun rises, rowers from the UQ Boat Club are already training on the Brisbane River.

8am: A bush turkey makes its daily mess in the gardens at St Lucia, undoing the work by the gardening staff the day before.

11am: Students make their way to morning classes through Campbell Place.

11.30am: The morning sun hits the face of UQ Art Museum collection piece titled "Happy Ending", by NELL. The sculpture is made of noble black granite.

12.30pm: Construction workers upgrading parts of the Great Court. The drainage works they are completing are vital to maintaining this heritage precinct on campus.

1.30pm: Alumni Court is a popular place for both students and staff to take a break and eat lunch.

4pm: Students and staff head to the Aquatic Centre to cool off in the afternoon and keep fit.

4.30pm: Across the road from the Aquatic Centre, a student gets some afternoon exercise by shooting hoops at the basketball court near the UQ Tennis Club.

5.30pm: The sun sets over International House.

6.30pm: The lights go on and players hit the pitch for an evening soccer match.

7pm: Campbell Place turns into a temporary dance floor after dark for members of the UQ Dance Club.

8pm: Meanwhile, students break into spontaneous dance between the cloisters of The Great Court.

8.30pm: Cleaning the entrance of the Forgan Smith building after most students have left for the day. Construction on the new refurbishment works to the TC Beirne School of Law obstruct some views of St Lucia’s centrepiece façade.

9pm: A woman unloads flowers in preparation for the markets the following day.

10pm: The lights of the Advanced Engineering Building reflect on the surface of the UQ Lakes.

11pm: PhD candidate for the Centre for Pain Research at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience, Md Moniruzzaman, works away on his research project well into the night.

1am: Students make use of the 24/7 study space at the Biological Sciences Library after midnight. The space is just one of many offering flexible learning options and study times for students.

1.30am: Late-night UQ security guard Emerik Petrac keeps an eye on the campus after dark.