Beautiful Brisbane

It's hard not to miss the warm days, bright blue skies
and delicate Jacaranda blooms that make Spring in Queensland magical

Southbank's "Brisbane" sign has become a must-see selfie destination for visitors to Queensland's capital city.

Stroll around Southbank

Get active on the Brisbane River

Take a day trip to Moreton Island and feed dolphins at dusk

Or grab a snorkel and some flippers and explore shipwrecks and tropical wildlife that lives in them

The ocean in one direction, the mountains in the other - Queensland's South-East has something for every traveller

Brisbane's surrounds boast National Parks with waterfalls, bush walks and picturesque views

Come back to the St Lucia campus and visit your favourite spot

Brisbane's parks are overflowing with Jacarandas in bloom in Spring

Find the perfect view of the city and set up for a sunset picnic

Free outdoor entertainment on a warm spring evening is a fantastic way to catch up with friends

Soak in the city lights before a night out on the town